Moin Jan

Mr. Moin began his career in 2009 and has seen success with his ability to be creative and think outside the box. He prides himself in never taking his finger off the pulse of our industry, so that he is able to efficiently help our team and our community achieve our ultimate goal, no matter how challenging. He is passionate about creating positive experiences and is grateful to be part of our truly exceptional organization.He is excited about the unique style of homes that we are creating and loves being a part of our tight-knit team.

Mr. Moin’s Hard work, experience, and a steadfast dedication to his clients over the several years have turned the firm into success . Today, Mr. Moin is involved in all aspects of the company’s management, but he enjoys being on-site with his partners and team most of all.

Tanweer Naeem

Mr. Tanweer Naeem studied Civil Engineering at the UET. From the start, he was curious, inspired, and industrious, possessing that rare blend of flare for design with hands-on skill.The grand-scale projects taught him the inside-outs of road construction, underground services, concrete superstructures, and design engineering.

Mr. Tanweer excelled at engineering and construction, but he wanted his early experience to give him a broader range of expertise. With this purpose, he sought to work with designers, architects, and contractors: to learn every facet of the home builder’s industry: construction management and estimation, site supervision, woodwork and cabinetry, concrete forming, project management, project and design engineering, and custom building.

Gaurav Guru

Mr. Gaurav’s innate management abilities, coupled with his versatility as a designer, allow for a smooth design and delivery process that aligns our client relationship focus with the client’s business goals and objectives. As a project coordinator in the Toronto office, Gaurav leads successful projects through all phases of development, from concept design through construction and opening. He holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from India and a post graduation degree in construction project management from Toronto, Canada.

Adam Shah

Mr. Adam plays a key role in estimation and new business development. He brings a wealth of experience in the industry having worked in the custom home business for over a decade. Adam has supervised the construction of many world-class homes. His organizational and interpersonal skills make him an ideal supervisor for your project, and are a big part of the reason why Treasure Villas is able to execute extremely complex custom home building projects consistently on-time and on budget.